Is it safe to buy my gown online?

Only Sottero and Midgley products purchased directly from authorized Sottero and Midgley retailers are certain to be genuine Sottero and Midgley products. Purchasing Sottero and Midgley products from unauthorized sources, either on the web or in unauthorized retail locations can involve certain risks. Please refer to our brides beware page for important information regarding these risks.

Can I receive a catalog?

Catalogs are available to view at any of our authorized Sottero and Midgley retailers. Please visit the Store Locator to find a retailer in your area. All of our gowns can be viewed on-line by visiting our Collection page.

In what sizes are your gowns available?

Most of our gowns are available in sizes 0-28. However, certain styles do have a limited size range. Please visit an authorized Sottero and Midgley retailer for additional sizing information.

How do I find a retailer in my area that is carrying the Sottero and Midgley collection?

Please visit the store locator at for a listing of authorized retailers in your area that carry our Sottero and Midgley collection.

How can I find the price of a gown?

Please visit the Store Locator on our website to find an authorized Sottero and Midgley retailer in your area. They will be happy to assist you with pricing information.

How long does it take to receive my gown?

Please visit your nearest authorized Sottero and Midgley retailer for specific information regarding the gown you are interested in. Delivery time may vary from style to style. Your local authorized retailer may contact us directly to inquire about the quickest delivery available for your gown.

Can I buy my gown directly from Sottero and Midgley?

As we are a manufacturer, we do not sell directly to the public. Please visit the Store Locator on our website to find an authorized Maggie Sottero retailer in your area.

How do I confirm that a store is an authorized Maggie Sottero retailer?

You can verify a retailer as being authorized by finding them on our online Store Locator. Also, please look for our "Authorized Maggie Sottero Retailer" seal in the retailer's shop window. In addition to the aforementioned steps, your retailer should provide you with a "Maggie Sottero Certificate of Authenticity". This is a beautiful certificate including an embossed seal, an original serial number, and a place for the bride's name and the name of the authorized store where the gown was purchased.

How can I clean my gown?

We recommend calling 1-888-GOWN888 or visit for proper gown cleaning and preservation.

How can I be included in the Midgley Brides section of this website?

We love to hear from our beautiful Midgley Brides! We cherish the joyous experiences our Midgley Brides have shared with us, and would love for you to be a part of this special Maggie tradition. Simply fill out the Midgley Brides form to submit your photo and story.

How long does it take for my story and photo to appear in Midgley Brides?

As we receive numerous submissions each day, please allow ample time for your story to appear online. There are new submissions posted daily, so look often for your story and photo. You will be notified if there is a problem with your submission. We sincerely appreciate your patience.

Can I obtain a swatch of my gown?

We are happy to provide your authorized Maggie Sottero retailer with a swatch upon request. Please ask your authorized retailer to contact us directly.
*Subject to availability

What is the difference between White and Diamond White?

Our Diamond White is a very light ivory. It has a beautiful softness that makes it very flattering on all skin tones. White is a true, pure white color that would give you that "wedding white" look. Our authorized retailers will be able to show you the differences between Diamond White and White with their fabric swatches.

Are photographs available of each color option?

Our gowns are only photographed in the colors shown on our website. Please browse through our Midgley Brides page to see if a bride is wearing the color you are interested in.

Can my gown be ordered with custom length?

Most styles are available in custom length. Custom length refers to various lengths shorter or longer than a standard length gown. Please have your authorized Maggie Sottero retailer contact us directly to inquire if your gown is available to order in custom length. They will also be able to discuss the best length to order considering your preferred shoe height, petticoat size, etc.

Can I cancel my order or return my gown?

Our authorized Sottero and Midgley retailers have their own return/exchange policies. Please refer to your sales agreement or contact them directly for any available options.

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For all other inquiries, please contact your nearest authorized Sottero and Midgley retailer. They are extremely knowledgeable about our collections and will be happy to work with you to ensure your questions are answered. They are also happy to contact us directly on your behalf, if necessary.