Only Sottero and Midgley products purchased directly from Authorized Sottero and Midgley Retailers are certain to be genuine Sottero and Midgley products.


Purchasing Sottero and Midgley products from unauthorized sources, either on the web or in unauthorized retail locations can involve certain risks including but not limited to:

The products could be copies, knock-offs, counterfeits or imitations that are certain to be of inferior quality. Only genuine Sottero and Midgley products offer the fit, quality and true value for which Sottero and Midgley is known.

The gown may not be delivered even though a deposit has been made or the gown has been paid for in full. Sottero and Midgley only ships products to Authorized Retailers. If an unauthorized retailer offers to order Sottero and Midgley products, they are either ordering a counterfeit product or are ordering through unauthorized channels. If Sottero and Midgley discovers the supplier of an unauthorized retailer, the supplier is subject to termination. Sottero and Midgley can only assist brides in the delivery of their gown if the gown is purchased from an Authorized Sottero and Midgley Retailer.


The number Sottero and Midgley Certificate of Authenticity of counterfeit products in circulation is rising constantly. Counterfeit Maggie Sottero products are being offered on websites (E-commerce), in web auctions and in unauthorized retail locations. In some cases, suppliers from China claim they produce genuine Sottero and Midgley products. These products, however, have proven to be counterfeit and have been the cause of great dissatisfaction, disappointment and regret.

Authorized Sottero and Midgley Retailers provide a high level of service and support that their customers deserve and Sottero and Midgley expects. Authorized Retailers are free to set their own prices. If the price of a Sottero and Midgley product is significantly below the prices generally prevailing in the market, it is highly likely it is not a genuine Sottero and Midgley product. For your security, please visit the store locator page to find an Authorized Sottero and Midgley Retailer.